The cron component is a nice little convenience component that provides a way to make cron expressions human readable. It makes use of the CRON Translator behind the hood.


The cron component requires you to install the CRON Translator library:

composer require lorisleiva/cron-translator:^0.1

Basic Usage

The usage of the cron component is pretty simple. Just pass a cron expression to the self-closing component:

<x-cron schedule="@weekly"/>

This will output the following HTML:

<span title="Every Sunday at 12:00am">

What this does is allows your users to see the human readable value when they hover over the expression.

Human Readable

The component also features a human boolean attribute that you can set to inverse the behavior of the title:

<x-cron schedule="@weekly" human />

This will output the following HTML:

<span title="@weekly">
    Every Sunday at 12:00am

As you can see, we display the human readable value and show the cron expression when you hover over it.

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