The unsplash component allows you to render images from Unsplash. You can render specific photos or search for random ones based on a search query.


The unsplash component requires you to set up a Unsplash access key. Add the new config option in your services.php config file:

return [
    'unsplash' => [
        'access_key' => env('UNSPLASH_ACCESS_KEY')

Get your Unsplash access key from the developer dashboard after creating an app with them. Then set it in your .env file:

UNSPLASH_ACCESS_KEY=<your access key>

Basic Usage

The most basic usage of the unsplash component is to reference a photo by its ID through a photo attribute:

<x-unsplash photo="t9Td0zfDTwI" />

This will output the following HTML:

<img src="https://images.unsplash.com/photo/..." />

As you can see the identifier has been converted to an Unsplash URL, which is retrieved via API by this component.


You might think making API requests to Unsplash is pretty expensive every time the UI is reloaded (and it definitely is). That's why the request will stay cached for a default of one hour. Obviously you'll need to enable a cache driver for this.

To manipulate the TTL (time to live) for this cache, you can pass a ttl attribute to the component:

<x-unsplash photo="t9Td0zfDTwI" ttl="86400" />

In this example the image would be image cached for an entire day (86400 seconds).


You can randomize photos by providing a search query instead of referencing a specific photo:

<x-unsplash query="forest" />

This will retrieve a random forest picture. Obviously in combination with default caching this will be cached for an hour. To make change this we can lower the ttl:

<x-unsplash query="forest" ttl="300" />

And now our image will be randomized every five minutes.


You can limit randomized photos to only photos from a specific Unsplash user by passing their username:

<x-unsplash username="johndoe" />

This can be combined with a search query:

<x-unsplash query="wedding" username="johndoe" />


You can limit randomized photos to only featured Unsplash photos by passing the featured attribute:

<x-unsplash featured />

This can be combined with a search query:

<x-unsplash query="sunset" featured />
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